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Meter Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit


Code: DRIE-F282


Meter Protimeter – MMS2 Flooring Kit (MMS2 not included in kit)

The new Protimeter MMS2 (MMS2 Meter is not included in the kit) Flooring kit has been developed to meeting the ASTM F2170-11 standard for in situ humidity test in concrete. Included is the multi-function Protimeter MMS2 that also allows rapid evaluation of the slabs moisture level. The new patent pending adjustable sleeves allow the user to make measurements in 4” to 6” concrete slabs without the need for cutting the sleeves. Mini Hygrostick sensors are reusable making this the most cost effective system available.


  • Concrete floor Relative humidity testing.
  • Concrete floor rapid evaluation with non invasive testing.
  • Non invasive testing though floor covering.
  • Wood moisture measurement of sub-floors and floor finishes.
  • Ambient Relative Humidity, temperature and Dew point measurement.
  • Non contact surface temperature measurement and surface Dew point detection.


  • Pin moisture measurement.
  • Noninvasive moisture measurement.
  • Ambient relative humidity and temperature measurement.
  • Equilibrium humidity measurement in concrete floors.
  • Psychrometric calculations.
  • Laser pointer surface non-contact temperature measurement.
  • Data logging.
  • Firmware upgradable.



  • Easy-to-use with simple user interface.


Measurements Include:

  • In situ relative humidity and temperature – required for ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Relative humidity and temperature in the ambient conditions – required for ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Surface temperature – required for ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Noninvasive instant moisture evaluation used prior to in-situ RH moisture test.
  • Pin type moisture measurement, evaluating wood floor materials.
  • Data logging.