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Meter Protimeter MMS2


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Meter Protimeter – MMS2

The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS) Plus is a complete moisture measurement device for use in many different building related industries. The MMS combines pin type and non-invasive modes of measurement together with a thermo-hygrometer in one state-of-the-art instrument.

The instrument is compact and simple to use having a large liquid crystal display and a cluster of just four buttons for selecting the operational modes. It is supplied in a nylon carry case with zipper together with the necessary accessories for a complete moisture survey. When used as a moisture meter the MMS Plus has two operational modes known as Search and Measure.

By selecting Search mode and holding the instrument against building materials such as walls the user obtains a qualitative indication of the moisture level beneath the surface or under a floor covering. By selecting Measure mode and using the standard pin or 5” deep wall probes to gather further information at the surface and up to 5” in depth below the surface.

Quick measurements of relative humidity dew point mixing ratio (grains per pound/parts per million by weight) and ambient temperature are shown at the touch of a button. Surface temperature measurements can also be measured with the standard supplied surface temperature sensor (BLD5804) making this instrument especially suitable for condensation risk assessment and diagnosis.