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PESTIE DOTZ are a professional polymer platform onto which gel baits can be applied.

PESTIE DOTZ incorporates a technology that allows them to be attached to a flat smooth surface without tearing or leaving any residues when removed.


  1. Difficult to identify where baits have been placed previously – have the baits been consumed or have they been wiped away by the customer?
  2. Leave unsightly globs of bait.
  3. Clients inadvertently clean away treatments because they are mistaken for kitchen grime.
  4. Unprofessional perception by customers when they see brown gel stains left on the pristine white laminate kitchens.
  5. Over application of treatments costing you money!  Do you realise that you could be paying up to 20 cents per 0.1g dot you apply depending on the brand you use.  In observations of application by pest management professionals on average anywhere up to 5 times more is being inadvertently applied costing you countless hundreds of dollars when not necessary.  For larger organisations this could be costing you thousands of dollars annually in over-application of gels.
  6. Difficult to monitor bait consumption – have the baits been consumed or wiped away by the customer – or ‘where did I apply the gel last time”?
  7. Gel baits losing moisture into applied surfaces rendering them less palatable and less effective.
  8. White coloured baits are nice, but how do you monitor or find the treatments on a repeat visits?

PESTIE DOTS addresses all of these issues and more.

The Key Features of PESTIE DOTZ:

  1. Tough Polymer construction – won’t tear or leave any visible residues when removed – EVER!
  2. Quick identification of where bait placements have been made and you can easily monitor bait consumption.
  3. Prevention of moisture loss into applied surfaces – baits remain more palatable, longer.
  4. Each PESTIE DOTZ has a 5mm indicator to allow you to accurately apply gel as per product label.
  5. PESTIE DOTZ provides a visual indicator to pest management professionals and customers to monitor bait consumption.
  6. PESTIE DOTZ are a professional presentation platform onto which bait gels are applied compared to smearing gobs of brown gel throughout a customer’s dwelling.
  7. PESTIE DOTZ clearly designates to customers that a pest baiting treatment is in progress and that this is not kitchen waste stuck to insides of cupboards.
  8. Sundew Solutions GUARANTEES that if you use PESTIE DOTZ it will grow your business!

ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS YOU WILL NOTICE WITH PESTIE DOTZ  there is no GLUE on the back of them!  If we used glue this would make the PESTIE DOTZ permanent and when you tried to remove them they would tear, leave glue or even possibly damage the surface they were applied to.  This is why we utilised a smart cutting edge ‘suction’ technology to make PESTIE DOTZ adhere.  In this way the professional pest manager can apply PESTIE DOTZ with confidence knowing that they won’t every cause damage to the surface they are applied to.  Because we use suction technology, obviously PESTIE DOTZ won’t adhere to porous surfaces such as concrete, cloth, gyp-rock etc (You normally wouldn’t apply gels to these surfaces anyway as they would be stained by the gel as well as the gel drying out from the substrate).

They are available in a handy pack of 280 Dotz – every time you grab a tube of bait gel order a pack of PESTIE DOTZ to match.  PESTIE DOTZ are the professional way to apply bait gels.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 3 cm



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