Scrubmaster B45/B45 CL Battery Electric Industrial Floor Scrubber – 51cm


The antibacterial tank coating, Hako AntiBac?, for the recovery and solution tank provides considerably better hygienic conditions in the tank and on the surfaces cleaned as well as ensuring a reduction in the consumption of disinfectants by cleaning the tank.


Hako Aquaforce? is a space saving, stationary system for cleaning without chemicals. It removes all minerals from tap water. The demineralised water can loosen dirt better and reduces the risks of resoiling – for lower operating costs and less environmental pollution.


By applying the Hako Chemical on Demand feature, cleaning agents are only implemented when they are actually needed. In the case of low level soiling, cleaning can be completed economically without any need for cleaning agents.

Key Features

  • Versatility in cleaning widths – 43cm up to 65cm cleaning path
  • ARB- Auto Release Brush on 43cm-51cm models  – eliminates brush handling removal or placement.
  • The Hako Aqua Control System saves water and cleaning agent TUV tested, up to 50%
  • Hako Proprietary AntiBac solution and recovery tank to help prevent bacteria growth causing odours
  • The air current in the tank is optimised with AFS (Anti Foam System). Thus practically no moisture reaches the suction motor. This means optimum machine life and lower machine life costs.
  • 42 litre tank capacity
  • High operator comfort with optimised handle positions for relaxed and fatigue-free work.
  • Clear view of the working area.
  • Simple, easy operating functions arranged clearly and understandably.
Compact and handy for small and medium sized areas. Polished results and perfect clean lines – day in, day out. 

With an area coverage of up to 2,900 m2/h, the Scrubmaster B45 is ideal for the thorough scrubbing and vacuuming of small and medium-sized areas ? e.g. retail trade, administrative buildings, hotels and catering or service centres. The flexibility of their deployment ensures that they can provide perfect solutions for your specific needs. Select, for example, between two tank sizes, four brush heads with various working widths, plate or cylindrical brush technology and different battery systems and additional equipment.

As is always the case with Hako, maximum efficiency of the cleaning task is the focus of attention. As a result, the heavy duty construction, with die cast aluminium brush heads and squeegees, increases reliability while minimizing repair costs and downtimes. Their excellent ergonomics and the intuitive operation also contribute to increased productivity as do the various solutions for reducing water and cleaning agent consumption, which not only help save costs but also reduce environmental pollution.


Made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium for the following sizes:

  • Plate brushes  – 43cm up to 65cm cleaning widths
  • Cylindrical Brush Head – 50 cm cleaning width





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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.