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Superclean – Maxi Dehumidifier

Superclean – Maxi Dehumidifier

So the Superclean Xtract may be too small for your applications then the Superclean Maxi is the unit that will do the work you require. Using Low Grain Removal (LGR) technology and combining the highest performance for a machine of its size, the Superclean Maxi provides a roto-mold design for any of the jobs thrown at it. The machine removes 45lires at AHAM or 65litres at maximum with a high velocity fan for large areas.

The Superclean Maxi has all the functionality you require with its soft touch screen with auto purge function, temperature and humidity sensors and adjustable humidistat. This unit has automatic defrost with hot gas bypass, washable air filter and automatic cut out for full bucket.


Features of the Superclean Maxi Dehumidifier:

  • 65litres/Day (30degrees @ 80%Relative Humidity
  • 45Litres/Day (AHAM 27degrees @ 60% Relative Humidity)
  • Semi Pneumatic Wheels for non marking and easy manoeuvrability
  • Roto-Mold Design
  • Low Grain Removal Technology
  • Light weight compared to models in range
  • Operating range 5degrees – 35degrees
  • Solid Handle
  • Cord and Hose wrap on rear of machine
  • Weighs only 26kg’s