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Professional Cleaning Equipment and Products Online in Sydney

Advanced SE offers affordable professional carpet cleaning equipment and supplies for all Sydney and Brisbane businesses. We have a wide selection of cleaning supplies at affordable prices, making us the perfect choice of business to supply cleaning products to your Sydney or Brisbane business.

Our range of cleaning equipment and supplies includes trash bags, cleaning solutions, brooms, air fresheners, aerosol cleaners, dusters, scrapers, sponges, spray bottles, and much more. Advanced Specialized Equipment strive to provide affordable cleaning supplies to help you remain on budget. Our superior quality cleaning products will ensure your Brisbane or Sydney business is sparkling.

Whether you want to clean a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, windows, or outdoors, we have the products to help you get the job done! Advanced Specialized Equipment can provide backpack vacuum cleaners, standing vacuum cleaners, and carpet cleaning machines. Keep both your customers and your employees healthy and happy by providing a clean environment. We also have a variety of eco-friendly, green, sustainable cleaning products for businesses who want to reduce their negative impact on the Earth!

Whether you are a business located in Sydney, Brisbane, or elsewhere in Australia, you can find affordable, high-quality cleaning products at Advanced Specialized Equipment online.


If you are up to commercial cleaning, you might need some commercial cleaning supplies for the same. Your requirements may vary from others because it entirely depends on the type of cleaning that you will be doing. Initially, you might require cleaning brushes, microfibre cloths, a mop, a bucket, pair of gloves, glass polishing cloths, and a dustpan and broom. This list is for the domestic cleaning work. For commercial cleaning jobs, you might also need special equipment like pressure washers, vacuums, or hoses. If you need to commute to a location for commercial cleaning, you will also need a vehicle.

There is a myriad of commercial cleaning products out in the market that prove to be super effective for commercial floor cleaning. One of the promising cleaning devices is commercial floor scrubbers. They are the best fit for commercial cleaning. While some of them are small but portable, others are of a larger size to allow you to ride on these machines. Operating these machines is quite simple, yet effective. They inject water with a cleaning solution to deliver promising results. There are attachments to these machines in the form of a mop or mop that help in cleaning.

You can buy commercial cleaning equipment even on a tight budget. You don't need to have a big amount of money to invest in buying cleaning equipment. Simply put, the costs for buying the equipment will only comprise of the basic supplies. You can plan to buy these supplies online from a site that offers a discount or conducts sales in different seasons. This way, you can buy in bulk at affordable costs. It may cost you around $250 to around $300. You can also buy from the market from shops that are wholesalers. Buying from the manufacturers directly is another great option.



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