If you want to get into commercial cleaning, you may be wondering how to start a cleaning business and what to do to give your venture the best chance of success.
While there’s no magic formula for business success, there are a number of key things to keep in mind from the start to help ensure your business thrives in the cleaning industry.

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Here are five of them.

1. Develop very high standards

If you want to attract return customers, make sure that you – and your staff, if you have engaged any – clean all premises as though they were your own. You wouldn’t give a toilet in your own office just a quick swipe, or vacuum around furniture rather than move it, so don’t do the same to your clients. Ensuring that your values are reflected in your work can help build your reputation, and increase your customer base through referrals and recommendations. It’s also important to use top quality commercial cleaning supplies.

2. Develop and implement systems

In addition to adhering to a high cleaning standard, devise a strategy and system for each client, and ensure that you and your staff stick to it. This improves efficiency, accountability (of your staff to you and of you to your client) and transparency. Similarly, because time is of the essence with any cleaning business, it will allow you to perform to your maximum capability while still working properly and effectively.

3. Rely on quality products

If you have poor equipment or ineffective products then your output can only ever be substandard. Purchase equipment through a reputable supplier who can also provide you with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your items, and give recommendations on what the most suitable equipment for each job is.

4. Find your own niche

There are many cleaning companies and services available. In order to help your business thrive, try and find something that makes you stand out, and then market that. Perhaps you are absolute experts in after-party cleanup? Highlight that. Or you might pride yourself on your bacteria-free zones, which means you advertise specifically to hospitals and the restaurant industry. Once you have found your own niche, you will find it easier to come up with a business focus and to appeal to that customer base.

5. Be modern and tech savvy

It’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the cleaning industry. If you rely only on traditional methods of cleaning and do not take into account any advances in available commercial cleaning equipment and products, then your competitors will likely have an edge on you.

You also need to be particularly tech savvy in promoting your business. If you do not have a strong internet presence, including a social media base, then you might not be giving your business the best chance of attracting customers.

These are some of the most basic things to take into account when starting a cleaning business. If you are interested in a detailed package which includes equipment, training, products, business development and a marketing program, enquire about our Business in a Box package.



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