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Premium quality Hepa air scrubbers

Advanced Specialized Equipment is a renowned company known for its cleaning supplies and equipment for sale. It takes persistent efforts to stay at the top for years. We have made it possible for ourselves because we are not only hard-working but also want to conquer and revolutionise the cleaning industry overall.

All our supplies on sale go through tests after which they qualify to be a part of our company. We are trend-setters and we will stop at absolutely nothing!

What are air scrubbers?

  • Air scrubbers are usually used as equipment by industry professionals to increase the quality of air around us.
  • An indoor air filtration device that will discard all toxic gases.
  • Air scrubbers, however, can be permanently fixed in the duct.

1) Hepa Air scrubbers

  • Hepa Air Scrubber is the best air scrubber in the market.
  • Gives great efficiency and greater filtration.
  • It is portable; hence, you can move or transfer it anywhere you like.
  • Amazing air scrubbing performance with striking features
  • The efficiency rating of Hepa Air scrubbers is 99.97%
  • When compared with other air scrubbers, Hepa Air scrubbers give better and optimum results?
  • The activated carbon filter installed in these air scrubbers instantly helps in attacking smoke and killing toxic odours in the environment.


  • It is a versatile air scrubber.
  • It is designed in a way that restoration is easy and profitable.
  • Highly suitable for killing sewage, fire, or foul-smelling gasses.
  • The environment will be always odour free.
  • With being stackable it is also very lightweight and portable
  • Can link up to 3 units on one power outlet.
  • CFM is variable on each unit.

Unique quality:

Hepa Air scrubbers have been designed for a perfect restoration. This scrubber can sense issues and fixes them without any delay. Hence, the air quality will never be undermined.

2) Hepa Air scrubber with filters:

  • Hepa air scrubber with filters very efficiently defend all the unhealthy and toxic particulates.
  • These microbes can harm the occupants.
  • But this scrubber removes 99.97% of particulates ensuring a safe living.
  • This machine is made to suit all your restoration needs.
  • Moreover, this machine can be used anyways you want, standing up or lying over its back.
  • It also has a pre-filter that will easily detect all the toxins in the environment and get rid of them.


  • They have been developed to be lightweight resulting in easy portability.
  • The speed is variable, and you have the option to control the fan speed.
  • Easily stackable and can also fit in your car.
  • A carbon pre-filter is attached with the scrubber.
  • You can also attach other pre-filters if you need.
  • The ducting outlet is removable and hence can be removed when replacing.

With Advanced Specialized Equipment, choosing cleaning supplies is easy and comprehending. A lot of companies have multiple products without an in-depth explanation of their features, usage, etc. With us, you are just all right. We have all the details of the products listed in pointers that will not only help you understand better but also aid your decision making. If you have any doubts, you can call us, and we will make sure you are served appropriately!



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