Powerboss Atlas Industrial Floor Sweeper

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Unmatched accessibility for routine engine maintenance saving time and providing longer engine life. It’s like having an engine workbench. Powerboss uses the latest most fule efficient engines on the market.

1524 mm multi-level high dump

Complete with the Safety Vision Dumping System, this feature allows the operatior to safely, easily dispose of the debris at  any height up to a standard 1524 mm waste receptacle. The hopper also features a large opening for material which should not be swept, providing the operator a convenient place to deposit materials that wouldotherwise be left behind.

safety vision dump window

Provides a safe, clear view of the hopper position when emptying debris into the dumpster. This feature is designed to provide safety when dumping and to minimise accidental damage to the machine.

Power control dust collection system

No tool, quick change filter for easy routine maintenance. Four stage dust filtration system.

Stage 1: Vacuumised main broom chamber
Stage 2: Perma Pre-Filter helps to eliminate dust before reaching the panel filter
Stage 3: 8.8 m2 Synthetic Panel Filter
Stage 4: Aggressive, filter vibration system to relase the dust from the filter


The Atlas features a massive one-piece, unitised 6mm thick steel frame. This rugged style construction provides a longer more durable machine life.


The PowerClimb feature with 589 mm diameter tires easily maneuvers over rough terrain, including speed bumps and standard 101 mm curbs. This extra ground clearance provides the opportunity to sweep sidewalks and medians without damage to the machine.

Key Features

  • Multiple power options
  • Quiet operation
  • Premium hydraulics system
  • Quick change wear items
  • Retractable side sweeping broom
  • Main sweeping broom wear indicator
  • Wall saver corner roller
  • Ergonomic operation

The Powerboss Atlas is a quality, cost effective sweeper that offers years of consistently reliable service.

This sweeper is the result of market-driven ideas and state of the art design and manufacturing expertise. They incorporate features and benefits that make owning and operating a power sweeper as productive and uncomplicated as it could be.


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