Scrubmaster B3 Flexible walk-behind scrubber-drier

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Key Features

  • 36v Lithium battery for up to 90 mins of use
  • Extended run time capability with ECO settings in light cleaning environments
  • Light weight design, incredible easy maneuverability
  • High flexibility across various cleaning sites and applications
  • Cleaning capacity 3L of water  cleans 100sqm
  • 3 liters of solution tank / 5L Recovery tank
  • Battery capacity 13 Ah (Lithium)
  • Performance cleaning coverage rate – approximately 380 m2/h – up to 600sqm/hr
  • Variable suction power settings for quiet environments
  • Variable brush speed settings for tailored scrubbing needs
  • Variable water flow settings for maximum water usage

Scrubmaster B3:  A robust, stainless steel construction – built to industrial standards.  A  practical, easy-to use and transport scrubber-drier designed to efficiently clean small and hard-to-reach areas

The unique robust compact design makes the Scrubmaster B3 incredibly maneuverable and productive in the tightest of spaces.  Working in narrow and cramped areas is not a problem anymore.  

Practical design that considers the professional cleaners environmental use conditions.  Easy-to read symbols enable intuitive use, minimising training needs. Incredible cleaning and drying performance, it punches above it’s weight!  

Tailor the settings for your cleaning environment.  

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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.