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Sprayer 2qt

Sprayer – 2QT Pump Up w/ Pressure Relief

$51.70 inc GST

Code: BRE/AS05


Sprayer – 2QT Pump Up w/ Pressure Relief

Sprayer – 2qt pump up hand held

Not that we can talk to much about a sprayer, but are you sick of having to use a trigger sprayer when spraying your solutions down onto upholstery or materials when using your pre-sprays or topical products?

Then save time and a huge amount of effort with this brilliant 2Litre sprayer with a pump up component, just like your larger pump sprayers this unique product will increase your productivity greatly.

  • Heavy duty tank
  • Large tank opening
  • Large pump handle
  • Piston pump with chemical-resistant seals.
  • Safe for use with any common carpet or upholstery cleaning product including presprays, spotters, and protectors.
  • Adjustable plastic nozzle
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 1 year limited warranty