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Steamway Aqua Tank


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Steamway Aqua Tank

Aqua TankTM Fresh Water Holding

Tank And Chemical Rack is the ideal van accessory for your cleaning and restoration business. It provides a convenient 100 gallons of fresh water at your fingertips while at the same time maximizing van floor space by also serving as a chemical or accessory storage rack.

The Aqua TankTM is made of impact resistant durable polyethylene that has the advantage of being heavy-duty economical and lightweight. It will not rust dent or corrode. No more looking for a water supply on the job and no worries about frozen water faucets or hoses in winter. The built-in chemical shelf holds up to 5 one gallon containers securely

– Molded baffles inside tank decrease water movement while van is in motion

– Automatic water fill shut-off. Translucent tank allows monitoring of water level

– Designed to be easily mounted anywhere in the van.

– Convenient multiple access ports ensure easy filling and draining of tank no matter where it is mounted.

– Dimensions are 18″ W x 36″H x 61″L

– Easy to install

– Comes with all mounting hardware and instructions.