TCU Tannin Coffee Urine


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TCU Tannin Coffee Urine

TCU Neutraliser from Bridgepoint provides the professional cleaner with a multi-purpose acid detergent spotter and urine neutralising treatment.

TCU Neutraliser is specially formulated to be incredibly effective for the pre-treatment of urine contaminated soft surfaces including carpet upholstery rugs draperies and mattresses. It dissolves neutralises and dislodges alkaline salt residues that build up from pet accidents and other urine contamination for flushing and removal prior to the application of a deodorising treatment.

TCU Plus enhances the performance of and speeds up the deodorising process when using Bridgepoint Bio-Modifier or Bridgepoint Bio-Charge. It makes any enzyme decontaminant or deodoriser more effective.

TCU Neutraliser can be used to remove and neutralise urine decontamination prior to the application of any deodorising treatment. It also contains special odour suppressants that make the work area less offensive until deodorisers can be applied.

TCU Neutralizer is also an incredibly effective acid detergent spotter for treating tannin salt or alkaline based spilled materials on carpet or upholstery. It can be used to neutralise and remove spots and caused by coffee tea wine soft drinks most beverage spills and salt based materials such as many ice melt compounds.

Directions Universal Precautions:

Always pretest for colourfastness and appearance change in an inconspicuous area of the surface you are going to clean prior to application.

For Spotting:

1. Use full strength.

2. Apply solution to spot spill or stain.

3. For best results allow to dwell 2 -3 minutes. Agitate solution into spot with spotting spatula or spotting (tamping) brush.

4. Blot area with clean colorfast cloth or towel.

5. Blot with clear water or extract area with machine.

For Urine Pre-Treatment:

1. For large area urine contamination pre-treatment and neutralising dilute 1 part solution with 4 parts water in pump up or trigger sprayer..

2. Saturate contaminated areas by spraying or pouring on mixed solutions. For best results allow to dwell 5 – 15 minutes. Gently agitate or work in with soft brush or white towel.

3. Rinse and extract with clear water. For best results extract with Water Claw or Spot Lifter. Then apply HYDROCIDE Bio-MODIFIER or BIO-Charge.

SDS TCU Neutraliser

Spec Sheet TCU Neutralizer

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