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Viper 11

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Viper 11

Viper 11 Alkaline Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner.

If your not a 100% sure about what type of hard surface you are cleaning either stone or man -made tile, then Viper 11 will be the right choice for you.

With the removal of solvents out of this great cleaning product, this can be used in all areas of a building and on all types of hard surfaces.

Viper 11 is an alkaline pre-treatment cleaner for stone, man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile.

This product contains the latest in amazing advances in surfactant technology help Viper 11 melt away grease, stains and soil and do it without the addition of solvents or highly caustic builders.

This new high-tech tile and grout cleaning solution was designed to surpass anything currently available!

Ideal for use in deep cleaning for

  • restaurants,
  • kitchens, and
  • areas of high traffic.

Minimal residue improves bonding and performance of sealers. Also a great maintenance cleaner.

Use on Stones, grout, terrazzo, and ceramic , porcelain, quarry, resilient and vinyl composition tile

Dilution Ratio 1-1 up to 1-4 through either a pump up or Hydroforce In line sprayer

pH 11.0-12.0

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