Sweepmaster M600 Push Floor Sweeper

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Simply robust: shock-proof, steel frame, sturdy aluminium housing, practically indestructible synthetic material dirt hopper with 5 year guarantee!

Your number one choice for sweeping smaller in- and outdoor areas:

Our model Sweepmaster M600 offers a very high sweeping and dirt-collecting performance of up to 2,300 m? of cleaned floor space per hour. Thanks to its shock-resistant steel frame, robust aluminium housing and almost indestructible plastic dirt hopper, this sweeper is a tough performer.

The Sweepmaster M600 is particularly maneuverable and user-friendly, which makes this machine the ideal choice for handicraft businesses, industry and commerce as well as demanding property owners. 

Key Features

  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Fitted with a robust dirt hopper, an impact-resistant steel frame and solid aluminium housing
  • The handle can be adapted optimally to every user through its ergonomic shape and simple turnaround of the handle
  • Easy to remove dirt hopper with handle for easy carrying nad emptying
  • A practical solution for both commercial and industrial sites
Special features
Designed with much attention to detail
Clean working every day:

1. The side broom sweeps dirt out of corners and edges and into the path of the wide sweeping cylinder.

2. The dirt hopper can be removed with ease.

3. Practical recessed grips and a chute enable precise emptying of the dirt hopper content into a dustbin.

Handle bar with benefits:

Thanks to its ergonomic design and adjustment options, the handle bar allows every user to find his/her optimum grip position.

Surmounting obstacles with ease:

The wheels protrude beyond the rear end of the machine, which makes it easy to surmount gutters and steps. And the Sweepmaster M600 is so slim that it fits through every door.


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     Sweepmaster M600 at glance
Sweepmaster M600
Working width with 1 side brush (2 SB)                                                                                       cm 67
Theoretical area performance with 1 SB, main sweeping cylinder                                             /h 2300
Working speed                                                                                                                             km/h                         –
Dirt hopper capacity                                                                                                                     litres 40
Total output                                                                                                                                  kW
Nominal voltage                                                                                                                            V
Battery capacity max.                                                                                                                    Ah
Length                                                                                                                                           cm 133 / 155
Width                                                                                                                                             cm 79
Hight above the seat (operating handle)                                                                                       cm 90 / 106
Weight, ready to use (incl. battery)                                                                                               kg



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.