Versaclean 500 - Hot Water Carpet Cleaning MachineVersaclean 500 - Hot Water Carpet Cleaning Machine

Versaclean 500 – Hot Water Carpet Cleaning Machine


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Superior Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine

Versaclean 500 – Hot Water Extractor

Compact Design – Easier to transport and store than leading competitors – balanced and compact and only    105.4 × 76.8 × 50.2 cm (W×H×D)

  • Lower amp draw – Optimized performance for use on 10-amp circuits. 
  • Durable with highest quality components. US-built by Legend Brands.
  • Quiet Operation with noise suppressors and sound levels
  • Clamshell construction allows for easy access to components for maintenance.
  • Convenient. Side-mounted switches are easy to reach and feature protective caps.
  • Fully Adjustable Pressure from 50psi – 500psi so clean all soft furnishings with ease
  • Long lasting Reliability using the best vacuum motor for better longevity
  • VersaClean portable extractors are protected under Sapphire Scientific’s exclusive Portable Extractors warranty. 

With this unique design you can carry your wand and hose when transporting to the job with its integrated wand clip, cord and hose wrap keeping your equipment contained.

Designed with large 2″ porting gain more vacuum from the large 3 stage vac compared to other machines on the market which run 2 vacuums but only 1.5″ port.

The Versaclean 500 comes with the following tools:

  • Versaclean 500 Portable Extractor
  • 2 Jet Wand with Glide
  • 7.5m Vacuum and Pressure Hose


CLOSED WATER LIFT:        348 cm
Solution:                              45.4 L
Recovery:                            37.8 L
DIMENSIONS (H × L × W):  105.4 × 76.8 × 50.2 cm
WEIGHT:                              43 kg
AMPS:  Circuit 1:                 6.3
             Circuit 2:                 7.0 A
VOLTS:                                 230 VAC
FREQUENCY:                      50 Hz
CONSTRUCTION:               Rotomolded polyethylene housing and handle; 10 in. semi-pneumatic wheels.
POWER CORD:                   7.6 m cord


Embedded dirt and dust can give you a hard time cleaning it. You might often face confusion while selecting an industrial carpet cleaner for sale in the market. Machines with powerful motors are better at lifting embedded dirt from the carpet. They do a better job of removing the dirt and dust from the carpet. While selecting an industrial carpet cleaning cleaner, choose one that effectively cleans because you will need it for the deep cleaning of embedded dirt in future. Also, check the usage instructions. You do not want to damage your carpet. Compare the features and select the best one for you.

Carpeting is a valuable investment that equally requires maintenance. When you have a mess around, you would want to clean it up as fast as possible to avoid any long-standing consequences. Also, you would want a good carpet cleaner machine for the same. If you do not have one and by chance, your kids spill the juice on the carpet, you will not have the time to buy one from the market and struggle to remove the dried stain. So, you need to have a carpet steam cleaner to maintain the look of the carpet. You can buy the one that cleans effectively, is lightweight, lifts dirt from all directions, and fits your budget.

Industrial carpet cleaning machines can be a costly affair when you do not have the right knowledge about it. However, you need to make a wise decision when you plan to buy a carpet cleaning machine or replace your existing machine. Carpet cleaners are essential for carpet cleaning. Your investment and your type of machine are largely responsible for determining the cleaning results and work productivity. You can choose between the three types of carpet cleaners- portable/spotter, self-contained, or tank/box. You can have them for as low as $500 to as high as $18,000. The costs may vary depending on the tank size, motor type, and the number of cleaning modes that the machine offers.

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