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Cleaning is the best approach to free-up some space so that you can utilize it more effectively. When everything is clean around you then it will make your work more efficient. So, Advanced Specialized Equipment is here to give you the best cleaning supplies you need in Brisbane.

We’re a trustworthy supplier of all types of cleaning products for office managers and professional cleaners. We have been serving in the industry for years with our broad range of cleaning equipment for both commercial and residential use.

Advanced Specialized Equipment is your online cleaning supply store where you can get high-quality commercial cleaning equipment and supplies.

The extensive inventory of Advanced Specialized Equipment includes dusters, brushes, trash bags, safety supplies and facility maintenance and, carpet and floor care, dishwashing liquids, air fresheners, and much more. For our environmentally loving customers, we also offer eco-friendly cleaning products that are affordable and effective.

Like it or not, cleaning is an essential part of the daily routine in homes and businesses, and with certified cleaning supplies from our online store, you can be unquestionable your place will look its best at all times.

Advanced Specialized Equipment is the Brisbane based company which offers the equipment and products you need to successfully clean as well as keep clean a place or area. Our supplies are those items that are used to clean such as vacuums, brooms, buckets, mops, wipers, gloves, carpets, trash cans, and trash bags together with other tools, equipment, and chemical products.

Which cleaning supplies do I need?

It may be beneficial to make an accessible checklist. We, as a cleaning service company, recommend the following supplies and equipment for cleaning floors: a mop, vacuum, and bucket. To clean the bedrooms along with other living areas: an extendable duster as well as a lint roller. A grout brush, a toilet brush, an all-purpose cleaner, and a tile and grout cleaner will make your bathrooms become shining once again.

If you are Specialist who works in the residential or commercial cleaning business, then you will require everything that you would routinely use to clean your home. So, we are your one-stop cleaning supplies shop where you can get everything related to cleaning.


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Yes, our company offers cleaning equipment in Brisbane. You can be sure that you would get everything that you need to clean your home from us. It also helps that we have reasonable costs for these products. So, you may save money on them too. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in this regard. First, you should make it a point to buy from the best companies in your budget. It is always better to go for the top brand names like us that have significant experience in the industry as well, when you can.

Companies that offer cleaning supplies in Brisbane rarely have any minimum order values if you place the order online. This is not a universal trend though – please keep this in mind. So, this may not apply to every such company out there. However, if you are purchasing in areas such as trade accounts and warehouses you would have to place a certain amount of order value, which could be as high as $300. You also need to remember that for every commercial account, the company would also apply standard terms of payment that keep in mind the rules of credit applications.

We claim to offer you the best cleaning supplies in Brisbane. However, the question that you are probably asking is how you can recognise that too. In order to determine what supplies are best, it is important to do your research. Determine the kind of cleaning that your carpet requires and look for the products with the suitable chemicals, steam or suction that can fulfil this purpose. Once you have narrowed down your query, you can better compare prices, to find the cleaning supplies that give you the best value for money.


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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.